Membership Levels

Regular MembershipThis membership category requires admission to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC). For admission to the Court, visit the Court's Website at Dues for attorney and non-attorney practitioners in private practice, with veterans service organizations, or with government agencies are $95.00 per year.
Associate MembershipThis non-voting membership category is available for attorneys who are not admitted to practice before the CAVC but are in good standing of the highest court of the state of their admission to the bar. The annual Associate membership fee is $95.00 for those attorneys either in private practice or employed by veterans service organizations. Associate dues for attorneys employed by a government agency are also $95.00.
Student MembershipLaw school students are eligible for a non-voting membership. The dues for law students are $25.00 dollars.
Complimentary MembershipThis non-voting membership is available only to newly admitted practitioners of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. New practitioners will receive an invitation from the Bar Association to join. In order to take advantage of this offer, the practitioner must return the application to the Membership Committee. This membership is meant to encourage participation in the bar association and is effective for the remainder of the fiscal membership year in which the practitioner joins. The practitioner can elect to become a voting member by paying the annual dues of the association.
Organizational MembershipThis membership category is available to government entities only. Agency applicants must submit a request for Organizational Membership together with pertinent information about each agency employee it designates for participation in Association activities. Dues for Organizational Memberships are assessed at a rate of $75.00 for each employee the Organizational Member so designates. To qualify for the Organizational Membership, there must be a minimum of five (5) applicants.
Court MembershipAny Federal court established by Congress as a court of record may apply for single, non-voting membership in the Association, entitling its judges and licensed attorneys employed by the Court to participate in Association Activities. Annual dues for Court Memberships are assessed at a rate of $95 for each employee the Organizational Member designates.

How to apply

You may now apply for bar association membership or renew you membership and make payment online. Click here to complete the on-line membership application/ or renew you membership.

You may also download the membership form and mail in your dues. The form is in a PDF format. If you have problems viewing the form, you may need to download and install Adobe Reader to view the form.

Click here to download CAVC Bar Association membership form.

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