Standing Committees

The Board of Governors encourages any active member to become involved in a standing committee. Contact the President at to learn how.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee maintains an updated version of the CAVC Bar Association’s Constitution and Bylaws and ensures that a current copy of the Constitution and Bylaws is available to all members. The Committee also advises the Board of Governors on issues involving the Constitution and Bylaws, prepares resolutions for amendments as needed, and files amendments as necessary with the appropriate authorities.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee organizes the members of the CAVC Bar Association. This includes updating and maintaining accurate membership and email lists. Members of the committee coordinate with all of the CAVC Bar Association committees to ensure that members receive messages about upcoming social events, training events, Court events, noteworthy cases, and changes to Court practices and procedures.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is charged with planning social and educational events for CAVC Bar Association members. The committee determines the theme, content, speakers, and venues of events. Educational topics selected shall represent the general interest of the CAVC Bar membership.

Law School Education Committee

The Law School Education Committee works to increase awareness and understanding of veterans law among law students and to encourage students to join the CAVC Bar Association and the practice of veterans law. The three primary responsibilities are: 1) running the National Veterans Law Moot Court Competition; 2) being involved in introducing or teaching veterans law to law students; and 3) reaching out to the law student community, gathering information of particular interest to them (particularly internship and clerkship opportunities) and making that information available.

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee prepares and distributes the Bar Association’s regular publications to the membership. The two primary responsibilities are: 1) preparing and distributing the quarterly newsletter and 2) maintaining the Bar Association’s website.

Portrait Committee

The Portrait Committee has responsibility to ensure that each retiring Judge is honored with a commissioned portrait to commemorate his or her commitment to justice for veterans. Committee members coordinate with the Court, the retiring Judge, the Judge’s former law clerks, portrait artists, and members of the CAVC Bar Association to raise funds, select an artist, procure the portrait, and plan the presentation ceremony to the Court.